Continuing an Island Tradition

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gm_00110 Hawaii Kai, Oahu 1974
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Canoe paddling is a popular recreational sport and exercise activity around the world. Outrigger canoeing, a variation on the typical canoe, is one of Hawaii’s most notable activities and traditions.  Brought to Hawaii by different Pacific cultures that migrated to the islands several centuries ago, competitive outrigger canoeing has caught on in Hawaii.  A number of the most popular and successful racing clubs are actually located on some prime Kailua Oahu real estate on the island’s windward side.  Not only are these launch sites beautiful in themselves, but the waters that front such properties are quite good for paddling due to the relatively flat waves and challenging currents.  The Kailua clubs have typically performed quite well in recent history. Outrigger canoe paddling has become so engrained in the local community that it is now an official sport for interscholastic high school leagues.  But for people of all ages, canoe clubs can participate in a number of major races.  The Molokai Hoe, a 43-mile race from Molokai to Oahu and the Queen Lilioukalani Race, held near Kailua-Kona on the Big Island, are two of the most popular events.  Winners of such competitions oftengarner large media attention and valuable bragging rights within the racing community.

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Getting a Hawaii Foreclosure

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Finding and securing a foreclosed property in Hawaii is not a simple walk in the park.  In fact, there is a general process that must be completed in order to score a property at just a fraction of its actual value.  While there is a little bit of work involved in purchasing Hawaii foreclosures, the value and pay-off far outweighs the upfront time and energy.  It is important to realize that a foreclosure means that because a home owner has become unable to pay the mortgage, the lender takes back the property. This in itself means there is more sensitivity relative to an outright property purchase.

In order to purchase a foreclosed home, it is important to investigate the advantages.  Is the discounted price worth the hassle of rushing to purchase the home or is the property in good repair?  A smart idea is to find an experienced buyer to act as an agent.  Many times, sellers will only deal foreclosed real estate to experienced dealers and sellers.  Another important step is to tour the property and closely inspect its details.  Many foreclosures are often in bad shape and in need of dire maintenance.  Will the cost of fixing the house outweigh the significantly discounted price?  Another key step is to check and see if the home has any liens on it, such as unpaid properties.  Will the buyer be responsible for those?

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