Do You Really Need A Buyer’s Real Estate Agent in Hawaii?

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Most people, who have been shopping for a home, have considered enlisting the help of a Hawaii Realtor. For the most part, agents are thought of as the ones who sell the house, collect their commissions, and their parts are done. But their role actually goes much deeper than that. Buyers and sellers alike rely heavily on the real estate agents, because in reality, they don’t have the qualifications that are necessary for dealing with buying and selling homes.

A lot of people today wonder if they can deal around the real estate agent when buying a home. The answer to this question is ‘yes’. But this isn’t always such a great idea. While you don’t have to use and agent, you must realize that you are throwing away a valuable asset and a lot of knowledge and expertise for accomplishing your goals in this area. As the buyer, be aware that the seller is responsible for paying the agent’s commission, so why not take advantage of his professionalism? This is totally an advantage to you as a buyer.

The agent will have access to a variety of homes, and can introduce you to everything that’s on the market. But if you go it alone, you may only be able to view a small hand full of homes. These are usually the FSBO homes and they make up a very small percentage of the market. You may be able to find some homes by browsing your local newspaper and thumbing through magazines, but you won’t have the kind of access to the market like the kind an agent can give you.

An agent can keep you informed about each step of the process. They can explain the terminology and help you steer clear of costly mistakes. It really makes a big difference when a professional represents you. You need the voice of experience to guide you along the right way and not get taken for a ride.

When it comes down to it, this is a personal decision. You can represent yourself if you choose to. Some prefer to go the route of dealing with ‘for sale by owner’ homes, and strictly working out a deal between themselves and the seller. And this happens a lot. But it cuts way down on your choices of homes. So take your time, and think it over, and figure out which way are going to best serve you and your needs.

What You Should Know about Mortgage Life Insurance

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Mortgage life insurance is the best way of protecting your loved ones; basically, it is an insurance policy that would help your loved ones pay off the outstanding balance on your mortgage in the event of your death.

Mortgage life insurance, also called mortgage term assurance by many insurance companies, is sometimes obligatory when you take up a mortgage, as most lenders will want to be on the safe side and recover their investment should any unfortunate event occur.

Mortgage life insurance is a means of protection for you, your family and your creditors. However, you should not mistake mortgage life insurance with mortgage payment protection, because they are completely different products and they have different characteristics.

Mortgage life insurance is only meant to payout your mortgage in the event of your death, while mortgage protection is taken out to safeguard your monthly premiums against the possibility of unemployment or incapacity to settle your debts.

Before deciding on a certain insurance policy, you should consider comparing offers and checking all the details of the policy you are considering to take out; the provider should let you know all the information you require, and any quotes need to come with what is known as the key facts policy, which means all the information about coverage and any other details found in the policy, including the term of the insurance – meaning the time you will have left to pay on your mortgage.

There is more than one way for you to pay off your insurance rates. The decreasing term insurance means the premium would decrease in line with the mortgage; the amount you pay decreases as time goes by, but you should know that so does the amount you get back at the time of passing. The sum though will always be enough for your family to be able to pay off the mortgage, so you won’t need to worry about that.

There are also insurance policies that allow for two beneficiaries, if two names are on the mortgage. Insurance companies will probably offer you a joint insurance policy, and in the event of either of you passing away, the insurance company would still payoff the rest of your mortgage.

This will assure you that your loved ones will be protected in case anything unpredicted would occur, so you won’t have to worry about them having financial problems. Your family would not be faced with the daunting task of making monthly repayments, as without you their financial status would not be the same.

In order to be sure you made the best possible decision for your family, you need to search for the most suitable insurance policy with the best price-coverage rate.

The Costs of Term Life Insurance

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Term life insurance could be an efficient insurance solution for you, but before deciding on a term life insurance policy, you should first know what the average costs for term life insurance are and what it could cost you to get that type of insurance.

Basically, if you want to get a clear idea on how much term life insurance would cost you, you should ask for several offers from different insurance companies, as offers differ extensively.

Term life insurance rates depend on many factors, such as gender, age, coverage etc. basically, younger people pay less for insurance, because it is generally believed that they are less of a hazard for the insurance company. Married people also pay less, because they are usually considered more cautious, and so on. There are many calculations of this kind that insurance companies make.

A study performed this year by the Insurance Information Institute stated that since the year 2000, term insurance rates dropped about 4 percent per year on average, following an average annual 15 percent plummet from 1994-1999.

The effect of these drops determined the lowest rates available in the last year to less than half of what they had been 10 years earlier. Recent statistics show that one in four adults has no life insurance, while the ones who do have considerably decreased their coverage amounts.

It is important to get lie insurance, in order for you and your family to feel protected, but before deciding on a certain policy, you should conduct a research, because offers on term lifer insurance vary extensively; rates may vary up to 50% for the same coverage, so it will payoff to enquire.

You should get several insurance quotes and ask for any facility or discount the insurance company may offer. Anyway, it is not safe to consider not purchasing life insurance, because life is full of uncertainties and unfortunate events. Insurance rates are not at their 10 year lows, so term life insurance is very convenient now, more convenient than before. It is also flexible, as you can choose from various year terms, coverage amounts etc.

Term life insurance is also considerably cheaper than a permanent life insurance policy, so it will payoff to purchase this type of insurance. Your policy premiums will also be guaranteed throughout the entire period of your policy coverage. There are just some of the advantages of term policy rates.

Considering all the factors involved in calculating the life insurance rates, you can get an idea on what you will have to pay even before you talk to an insurance company representative; you need to consider your age, gender, the amount and conditions of your coverage, the type of insurance plan you are considering, your occupation and hobbies, your health history and current health condition, as well as any medication you might currently be on or any unhealthy habits you might have such as smoking.

The Best Life Insurance Plan Possible for Your Family

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Life insurance has become mandatory these days, because the world we live in is full of hazards and unpredictable events. Therefore you want to protect yourself and your family form any unpredicted event; in case anything should happen to you, your family should not be burdened even further by high expenses they might not be able to afford.

In order to make sure you make a good decision, you should conduct a thorough research before you take out a life insurance policy. You need to find the most convenient solution, with the best coverage and at the most affordable rates, so you will need to make an informed decision. There are several things you could do in order to achieve a cheap premium, at a great coverage.
Basically, when you search for family life insurance, there are a few things you could do in order to avoid getting the wrong insurance coverage. First of all, you should know that children and seniors do not need life insurance, so you could avoid introducing them in the life insurance plan; this way, you will get convenient life insurance.

You shouldn’t worry, you are not risking anything, since statistically, it is highly unlikely for you to ever make any claim regarding your children or senior family members, as children are a very low risk and seniors are usually covered for a lot of money, considering their age. In fact, the rate will be proportional to the age of the insured person.

One of the very important mistakes people shouldn’t make when purchasing life insurances not having enough insurance to cover the replacement of a family member’s income. That is very important, because the income of each family member contributes to the general family income, and all expenses are calculated based on that. it you do not have enough to cover for that loss, you could end up having a drastically reduced income, and that will affect your family’s life further.

When considering insurance, the rule is that you should take the annual income and multiply it by 10 and that would be the amount you’d need to replace their income. For example, you should consider things like this: if the annual income is $50 000, times 10 equals $500,000. you should take the $500,000 and put it into a conservative mutual that would give you an average annual rate of return of 10%, which is $50, 000.

That is what the annual income was in the first place, so you will basically make sure your income will not be affected.

You should also include any debts that you couldn’t or you’d find hard paying for. Any mortgage or credit card debt should be considered, so that in the event of a family member’s death, you could still make the payments and you wouldn’t have any debt problems.

Term Life Insurance Info

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You may not know this, but term life insurance could provide surprising benefits for you, if you are the owner of a small business. It is probable that, if you own a small business, you are already paying for property and liability insurance, so that you would be protected against fire, theft, flood and other natural calamities or accidents.

But not many business owners consider other possibilities, and maybe they should. In the event you or one of your partners would be unable to work, due to death or disability, your business would have to suffer greatly, because a small business depends extensively on its owners.

So life insurance could be a good idea, for protecting you, your business partners and your business. Even though you start small, as your business grows, there is always one (or two) key people, who keep it running and without whom your business would have a lot to suffer.

Besides the fact that you, as the owner, are one of the key-components of the business, you could also have one or two people who know everything about the business and have invested their time into getting the business running; the accountant who has been in the company from the beginning and knows everything that has ever happened inside the firm, the sales manager who gets the contracts signed and the deals done, or any other persons that you consider essential to your business.

If you take out a term life insurance for each of these people, you can be covered against any loss you would have to face should any of them be unable to work anymore, due to any unfortunate event such as death or disability. Protecting your company and preventing any loss is vital for a small business which depends fully on just a few people.

There are several kinds of insurance you could take out in order to feel protected against any losses, but an obligatory one for you should be term life insurance. This is because it is essential to prevent any losses you may be subjected to, and also because it is a very convenient one for you.

For a small, young company, the lower premiums and limited term coverage are a better deal than anything else. As the company grows, you can convert your tern life insurance policy into a whole life key person policy, which a life insurance policy that is specifically designed to cover the loss of a key person in an organization. It is more expensive, but better for bigger businesses because of its coverage and other facilities.

How to Get Cheap Life Insurance Rates

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Life insurance has become a necessity for everyone; it is a way by which you and your family can feel protected, should any unfortunate event occur. It is a very useful instrument, and it could help your family cope with the expenses they would wake up having one day, should anything happen to you.

However, your insurance policy should be affordable, as it won’t help you to an outrageous amount of money each month; you can still be covered with a convenient monthly premium.

In calculating your life insurance rates, the insurance companies take several factors into consideration. Knowing what some of those factors are might help you decrease the costs and get great discounts, so you should probably conduct a thorough investigation before deciding on a certain policy.

First of all, your medical history is taken into account by the insurance companies. and one of the major factors considered, besides any illness or chronic condition, is whether you smoke or not. Smoking affects your health, as it could affect your body and it could cause many organs to be affected; besides all the health hazards you undertake when you smoke, you must also consider that your insurance rates rise considerably.

There is a considerable difference in the amount you need to pay each month if you’re a smoker, as compared to a non-smoker. So maybe you really should consider giving up this nasty habit.

Insurance companies consider that smokers have an elevated risk of suffering from several types of illnesses or diseases and have a shorter life expectancy, so they try to protect themselves as much as they can from any potential risk.

Another health hazard is excessive weight. Using the same logic like in the case of smoking, insurance companies believe that people who are overweight or obese are at much greater risk of suffering from several conditions, some of them serious.

For example, it is known that overweight people are at higher risk of developing diabetes and other serious conditions. Therefore, if you are overweight you will probably have to pay for it. However, if you try to lose some weight and show that you are committed to improve your life style and live a healthier life, you could save quite a bit.

Although life insurance is necessary, it is made up of several components, and these components are optional, so you should consider thoroughly which of them you need and which are not worth paying for. You should compare offers, get several life insurance quotes form different insurance companies and see which insurance policy would suit you best.

This is the only way you can save, and you should know that if you chose the right life insurance plan, you could save thousands of dollars in the long run. So the thorough research will most definitely payoff.

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Factors Determining Life Insurance Rates for Term Life Insurance

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The premium also depends on the kind of illness or condition you are suffering from; for example, a person suffering from a heart condition will pay more for an insurance policy than someone with a thyroid problem, because the risk on the part of the person with the heart condition is higher. That is why it is important to compare offers and ask about insurance rates and coverage. Your occupation also has a relatively major influence on your insurance premiums.

If you work in a dangerous environment or your job involves more hazards than most other jobs, this will have an influence on your insurance rates. Once you have chosen the term insurance plan you find suitable for you, there are other ways in which you can decrease your payments even further.

For example, using electronic payment will help you save more than by mailing your payment; some insurance companies give you discounts if you use electronic payment, so you should also ask about that. you can also get considerable discounts if you choose to take out several insurance policies with the same insurance company, so that might also prove worth investigating. Multi policy can give you considerable discounts, if you know how to conduct negotiations with the insurer.
It is not very difficult to obtain a multi-policy bonus; first of all, because the life we are living usually imposes several types of insurance on us. If you want to buy a home, you will probably need to sign up for a mortgage plan; iy you own a car, you are obliged to take out a car insurance; if you add life insurance or a health insurance policy (which should also be mandatory considering the risks we are constantly submitted to these days), your discount should be really substantial.

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Dealing with the Problem of Lost Life Insurance Policy

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Considering the importance of life insurance, misplacing or losing a life insurance policy could be a big problem. When a family member dies and the family cannot find the life insurance policy, this becomes a serious problem, which can affect the family even further.

In order to solve this problem, there are a few things you need to do. There are services willing to try and solve your problem for you, by offering solutions to help locate the lost insurance policy, but before you take any outside help, you need to think long and hard about whether or not the deceased had any insurance policy; it is possible that, in fact, they may have overlooked that very important aspect and had not taken up any life insurance policy, so you need to know what the case is.

If the deceased family member had life insurance, things would be a lot less complicated if you knew what company had issued the policy, if your family member had talked to an insurance broker (in which case, you should know who that person is); in some cases, employers offer their staff some facilities, including life insurance policies, but there are also other groups that could offer their members life insurance policy facilities. All this information is important, because it would make your life much easier if you had it.

If you do not have that information, you should start with the obvious: search through the bank deposits, files, and other confidential documents that might help you get information on how to recover the lost insurance policy.

You could also try to search through the person’s address book, as the name of the insurance company they signed the policy with might be there. If you have tried all these things and you couldn’t find any information, you could search through the bank statements, because this might help you understand if the life insurance policy was paid by means of check or any other way.

Bank statements are usually the best way to find any financial transactions, so searching through the bank records will give you a clear idea on any financial transactions the deceased might have made recently, in order to find name of the company you’re looking for.

You should ask the former employees or colleagues, because if they took up a life insurance plan offered by the employer, then it must be with the same company as all other colleagues. This could help you find out what you’re interested in.

Check the previous filing of income tax, because the life insurance premium provides rebates on income tax; this should help you locate the lost insurance policy.

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Are You an Unclaimed Life Insurance Beneficiary? Find Out Now!

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If you have a life insurance policy, it is possible that you benefit from some benefits that you don’t yet know about. If you found out late that you could have filed an insurance claim, don’t worry.

Unclaimed life insurance policies do not disappear, but they remain valid, so you can collect them even later than average. So, if you think you have some policy benefits, filing a life insurance claim is not a very difficult process. but it is still important to understand the process, because it may sae you from undergoing a difficult route.

First of all, it is important to understand the difference between whole life insurance and term life insurance; if the deceased family member had a term life insurance policy, than any claim must be made before the en of the policy term – that is why it is called term life insurance, as it only lasts for a determined period. However, with whole life insurance, you should also get some important information before filing the claim.

If the policy holder has made their regular payments until the time of death, there’s nothing to worry about, as you will benefit from the insurance coverage and you’ll be able to collect the claim in full. If the insured person stopped making payments, then the policy lapsed, and there are two options available for the insurance company.

They could decide to assign the policy extended term status, which basically means that they use the cash value of the life insurance policy to buy a term-life policy. The policy will be for the same amount as the original whole-life-policy, and the term will be extended for the amount of time that the cash value will allow. The insurer company can also place the policy in what is known as reduced, paid up status.

That means that the policy remains in effect, but the amount of the death benefit is reduced. Both of these options make it possible for the family of the deceased to collect the unclaimed life insurance.

The policy will lapse in the eventuality that the insured stops making payments; if the insurance company stops receiving the regular payments, they will send notifications by post, enquiring on the reason that premiums are not being paid. If they receive no answer, then the policy will lapse.

However, if the company chooses any of the two options above, the family cans till collect the policy claim, even if a relatively high amount of time has passed since the death of the family member.

If you are not sure whether or not the deceased had any insurance, there are several ways you can find out, and it is not difficult but you will need to have a bit pof patience.

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The Kailua real estate market

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The Kailua real estate market, which is closely linked to the Kaneohe housing market and a subsidiary of the larger Oahu real estate market, has been facing largely positive indicators despite confusion over housing prices and statewide high rates of foreclosure. According to a May 26, 2010 article in the Honolulu Advertiser, “A federal report suggests that Oahu home values aren’t as positive as indicated by local sales data, though the market appears to be on a path of improvement. The Federal Housing Finance Agency yesterday reported that Oahu single-family home values in the first quarter were down 4.5 percent compared with the same quarter last year.” The piece, written by Andrew Gomes, continued to note that “The figure compares with a 4.4 percent rise in the median price for Oahu single-family homes sold in the first quarter as reported by the Honolulu Board of Realtors. It’s debatable which assessment is more accurate.”

The impact of foreclosures on Kailua homes for sale, as well as the rest of the Oahu housing market, may be less pronounced than the statewide rate may suggest, according to a May 13, 2010 article in the Honolulu Advertiser. This piece found that “Real estate in Hawaii’s foreclosure pipeline hit a high for the year last month, signaling that homeowners continue to struggle with mortgage payments even as the economy and real estate are showing signs of a slow recovery.” The article, also written by Andrew Gomes, went on to state that “Among Hawaii counties, Honolulu (Oahu) had the most filings at 581, but the lowest rate, at one filing for every 580 households…Statewide, the bulk of the foreclosure filings in April – 1,093 of the 1,474 filings – were trustee sale notices representing properties headed to auction.”

A May 13, 2010 article from the Associated Press echoed the dire news for the statewide foreclosure rate, which does not necessarily translate to the foreclosure rate in the Kailua real estate market specifically. This piece said that “While there are signs of economic recovery, homeowners in Hawaii continued to struggle to meet their mortgage payments. The real estate research firm RealtyTrac reports 1,474 properties in the state received foreclosure notices in April. That’s more than double the 684 recorded in the same month last year.”