The Cultural Background of Hawaii

Hawaiian culture is more than the hula dancers and exotic clothing. It is a well-known vacation paradise. Hawaii has tourist from around the world that come to enjoy the beaches, ocean views and to explore the wildlife. Hawaii has many exotic plants to all to see every year.

The Hawaiian Islands have miles of gorgeous coastline. They have a tropical climate with some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. It is a wealth of cultural legacy, which is a specialty of the islands.

Then what is the cultural background of Hawaii? Knowledge regarding the cultural background of Hawaii can build your vacation experience making it inspiring and exciting.

First discovered by the Polynesians over 1,500 years ago, Hawaii is still mainly inhabited by this same race of people. There is no written proof of when the first settlement was. Since there is no written history for that time, period Hawaiians having a history in the oral tradition, which preserves the arts, language and other forms of its culture. It has been passed from one generation to the next from its elders. Before Hawaii became a state of the United States of America, it was a kingdom. It still celebrates its monarchs. A statue of their King Kamehamea, who was one of their greatest monarchs, is still located on the main island of Hawaii. The Big Island also is the home of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This park is a great cultural site and has geological worth.

Kilauea and Mauna Loa are the two volcanoes located in the park there. Tradition has it that the goddess Pele makes her home in Kilauea. She is the goddess who makes the volcano erupt. She has been active since 1983. This is important since volcanic activity is how the islands were formed.

The Iolani Palace was the home of King David Kalakana also known as ‘the Merry Monarch”. Later this palace became the prison of his sister and successor, Queen Lili’uokalani when the kingdom was overthrown.

There are many organizations, which are trying to save the rich traditions of these islands. Around Easter every year, the Merrie Monarch Festival is held for a week long festive. You will see traditional dance, music and art forms being displayed. This is for the Hawaiians to keep up with their traditions as well as a way of entertaining tourist.

Taking the time to learn about the rich history and culture of Hawaii while planning your vacation will help you to enjoy the experience and appreciate it more.