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With the job market being much more competitive these days, it is ideal to get a college degree. However, paying for that college education is no easy task for most people, so it is important that you start saving early for your child so you have a good amount of money to help pay for those numerous college expenses. Nevertheless, paying for college always seems to require those often talked-about grants, scholarships, and loans. However, if you still feel a little short of money, there are some other ways to help pay for college.

One of the most direct solutions to reducing the price of college education is getting on the accelerated study track. Although this isn’t the right choice for many students due to the rigorous work and time required, many colleges offer accelerated study programs that squeeze a four-year degree into three years, which saves you a whole year of college expenses. Another option is applying for financial aid. Many schools who feel that you are a good fit for their school, especially in terms of SAT or GPA scores that would increase their admissions standards, will help you find college scholarships and financial aid options in order to help you afford their school. It is important to remember that although some private college’s tuitions may seem awfully expensive, those schools often offer much more financial aid to their students. The Federal Work Study Program also helps students pay for college by having the work on campus, with paychecks being used towards paying for college. The last option is applying for military academies or enrolling in military college programs. By doing so the government will pay for a majority of your college expenses, sometimes 100%, but you will be required to make a three to five year commitment to the military upon graduation.

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