Moku o Keawe – Hawaii’s Big Island

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Located at the southwestern most point of a collection of 32 islands, atolls and islets stretching over 1500 miles in the Pacific Ocean, the Big Island of Hawaii is the youngest of the islands and larger than all the other island put together. The island is an expanse of 4,028 square miles it is the most diverse offerings that include gorgeous white sand beaches, active volcanoes, sheer ocean cliffs, hidden waterfalls and even snow capped mountains during the winter months.

The island is divided into nine districts. These districts offer the real estate buyer a wide variety of properties that range from sea side cottages to forested hideaways to sprawling ranches. Buyers will be happy to know that Big Island real estate has a wide variety of prices that offer value for the dollar. Inexpensive land parcels are plentiful while homes with panoramic ocean views are still affordable.

The island has two population centers. Hilo on the east or windward side of the island has retained that small town feel. Hilo is home to several federal, state and county buildings along with a sleepy airport and the largest shopping mall on the island. Along with a multitude of small businesses and mom and pop stores, the newer arrivals in Hilo include big box stores and other national retailers. Hilo also has the busiest port on the island. Arrivals of inter-island barges provide a lifeline of products and goods. Cruise ships call regularly at the port of Hilo. Some arrive weekly while others arrive from trans-pacific journeys from places like Ensenada, Tahiti, and Vancouver. As most windward town in Hawaii, Hilo is known for rainy weather and damp conditions which result is beautiful waterfalls and lush tropical landscapes.

The leeward or dryer side of the island Kailua-Kona reigns as the largest residential and commercial area. Built on the slopes of Hualalai one of the islands active volcanoes, the Kailua-Kona area not at a loss for panoramic ocean views. Locals know that although the temperatures at sea level in the heart of town can be in the mid-80’s during the day, a short drive upslope or mauka will bring cooler temperatures and relief from the heat for those who choose to purchase at the higher elevations. Along with several residential neighborhoods and an international airport, Kailua-Kona is the favorite of island tourists. They come for the casual atmosphere, beautiful beaches and an abundance of activities that include swimming, snorkeling, diving, hiking and more.

Although most of the activity on the island takes place in the districts of Hilo and Kona, the Big Island has a lot more to discover. The Kohala districts along with Puna, Hamakua, Kau each have their own beauty and their own character.

The Big Island has something for everyone, but what it isn’t is busy and bustling. It’s the perfect island for those wanting solitude, peace and an abundance of natural beauty.
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